This is a parallel dimension created by a twisted, intelligent and bored mind.
An individual driven by dreams and things beyond normal vision, normal hearing and normal thought.
A higher world surrounded in blue flame, populated by ghosts and dragons, dandelions and wishflowers.
Kitsune and neko spirits wander playfully, mischievously and miserably, for this world touches upon the normal one and occasionally crosses over.
The humans are plain and routine beings with two legs, two arms, two thumbs and half an imagination.
They destroy what they don't understand, to preserve their conception of red is red, and apples fall from a branch to the ground.
The Kitsunes love to meddle and warp these poor humans' minds, and sometimes rip holes into the normal world to show the plain humans a new concept.
Unfortunately this puts tremendous strain on their brains, and more often than not ends in the human going completely insane.
The human soon dies, and the soul is twisted into thread to sew shut the hole into Blue Moon Realm.
The neko spirits are the ones who perform this sad task, a somber side to the circle.
Don't confuse the soul of the humans for their being, or Consciousness.
Humans, being a young species, have many misconceptions about things that are not solid black and white.
A long time ago, or fifteen minutes, alchemists turned lead into gold and sought an elixir for eternal youth.
Now, or two minutes ago, chemists found actual scientific reasons for these transformations and hammered the ethereal into normality.
"Yesterday's magic is tomorrow's science"
Space is another example! Black holes were long thought to be interdimensional portals, one way and absolute.
Then, recently, they discovered what goes in one side is compressed and spat out the other end, in the form of a hypothetical charcoal briquette, all the components of a star without the fire.
I think the world shapes itself to its inhabitants.
If you believe in fairies and star magic and portals to other worlds there will be fairies and star magic and portals to other worlds.
If you are flat and grey, like the programmers of Microsoft Word, evidently, interdimensional is spell-checked as one-dimensional.
What a sad and boring existance, to never think of the language of music, to never mix your paints or color outside the lines.
But, there is hope for your species.
When you wake up in the morning, don't think about breakfast, school or work, or when you have to get your clothes from the dry cleaner's.
Just lay there, eyes half open, and wonder at the colors that swim and swirl before you, at strains of music you never heard before and poetry you never wrote before. You will feel something, in your heart.
Your heart rate is accelerating, your blood pressure fluctuating awkwardly, corresponding to chemical changes in the brain, right?
No. You are experiencing happiness, peacefulness and excitment, the child-like glee of discovery.
When you have felt that, somewhere, the veil separating this world and the Realm grows thinner, and a miracle happens.
Let's take for example 16-year-old Andrew L. Fromas.
The L stands for Lucas, his father's name.
He works in a dairy shop, behind the scenes, stocking cheese and cream and milk.
He lives in a two story house in a lower middle class neighborhood.
He has a dog named Oscar, a little sister named Millie, a mom, and a dad.
You probably don't care about the paint set under his bed, or the canvas rolls hidden behind the raincoat in the closet.
No, more important are his perfect B grades, the well tuned coal-black BMX in the garage, and his 100% on time record at the dairy shop on 23rd street.
One August dusk, around 6:00, he saw it.
Just riding home from the dairy shop, tired and smelling like aged cheese, he takes his normal route through this rocky alley connecting Allen circuit and Birch street.
Crash! Certainly that was a stray cat fishing in the trash cans...Clatter clang! But then, there's more than one, to tip over both of them!
Of course! I'll just make a wide detour, in case they're rabid...
(still tbc)

This is a tricky little puzzle that tests your power to think laterally.
Logical thinking tends to plod along one step at a time from basic premises to an inevitable conclusion,
but lateral thinking delights in tricky maneuvers that keep you on your toes.
In this case the puzzle seems simple enough.
All you do is take a piece of stiff card and cut out a hole the size of a small coin, such as a penny.
Then take a larger coin, like a quarter, ans push it through the hole.
You can handle the card and the coin as much as you like but you mustn't bend, tear, or cut the card.
This puzzle will not repay a persistent, painstaking approach.
You will either see the answer in a flash and laugh out loud at it, or you probably won't get it at all.
(But that won't prevent you trying it out on another innocent victim)
Stumped yet?
(Answer: Put your finger into the hole and push the quarter. Done)

Pink=bunny noses
Marshmallow=mashed potatoes
Igloo=cubed chlorine
Horse ranch=ranch dressing
Wild pigs=thorns