My name is Alana I am going to 6th grade. This summer I went to see batmen

And I fell a sleep during the movie it was a very good movie the men
who played joker was pretty brave. In the movie I thought Joker wanted to die he didn’t care at all what would happen to him. H e was in jail a lot of time. I beat that he did not care if he went to jail if he did he would not put a boom on a boat and give the passenger a button to press if they do not want to get hurt so their was a boat that had a jail birds and a anther boat were they had towns people and nether of the boats were hurt. Joker had told every one of the people that he killed how he got the scares around his mouth. First he said that hi


My favorit book is called is THE S.O.S FILE. It isabout a class and they had to write a essay about theirsummerand the teacher said the wors one was the last one and he read all of them and he gt to the last one and he read it and said his name and he saidevery body els was better than his.