hey just checking in for the first time. I'm now in the spring 2008 session and everything is cool. Michelle is in Irlend
having a good ol' time. I hope to write more in the future. That's all 4 now ttfn.

July 22 2008
HI Yal
I'm going to talk about all the thing that I want/going to do this summer. one thing I want to do is take up baby sitting. One thing that I'm going to do is go to a camp for cancer patients.Camp Quality Illinois which starts on August 3rd and ends August 9th

The movies I've seen and want to see this summer. I've seen the new Kit Kittredge movie whi
ch was really good.kit_kittredge_an_american_girl.jpg
Kit Kittredge & her dog grace

And movie that I would like to see is Get Smart GetSmart1-opt.jpg
Steve Carell Anne Hathaway

and some books that I would like to read are Ida B, and the outsiders.

That's my update 4 now ttfn