Theese are my pictures. There is Chris Brown, My bro. Laronn, Dora , and Pucca from jet-x. In the bottom left is me and miss. michelle.

Hello my name is Ericka. I'm 11 years old. I joined PNG because i thought it would be fun. I'm going to Dirksen Jr. high. I'm going to 6th grade. My old school was Pershing elementary school. Now my sister is the only one to go there. I'm going to Dirksen with my brother for one year. I like to sing that's my talent. My acdemic adviser is Mrs.Baldwin.I just added a couple of new pictures like this one I just put this AVATAR she my Gaia-Online avtar picture on here

My Gaia is Talia500. Look she getting ready to kick you boody so BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!