July 4, 2008 Update:
Hi!! If anyone is checking this, I am writing from my very messy living room in Tucson. We're slowly getting everything together. I don't have a new job yet. While I am looking, I am keeping busy trying to get everything unpacked and put away. Check out my blog for pictures and links to pictures. . . the trip out here was fun! The storms and rainbows were particularly fun for me. I also took a lot of video clips on my camera, but now I need to get software so I can edit them together. When I do, I'll get them on YouTube. I miss you guys!

I will be moving to Arizona this summer! My husband has a new position there, and I will be going with him. If you want to keep updated on my adventures in Arizona, I have started a blog: Moving to Tucson.
If you want to see the kind of books I've read over my lifetime so far, but mostly reviews of the books of been reading lately, visit this blog: http://ketabgirl2.blogspot.com/
(Use the links in the left hand column. My LibraryThing lists are not complete. . . I am in the process of adding books. I have hundreds more that need to be added yet.)

I am one of the PNG coordinators and Young Adult Librarian at JPL. I thought I would introduce myself a bit as well. I have been at JPL for just about four years. I run the Teen Summer Reading Club and do lots of other things besides.
Before moving to Illinois to work in Joliet, I lived in Lancaster, Ohio for four years where I was a Youth Services Librarian, and before that, I lived and went to college and graduate school in Indiana and Wisconsin. I graduated from high school in Decatur, Illinois, and the public library there now has a PNG program as well!

To the right is picture of my husband's decapitated head in one of my very first Photoshop creations!! He likes to tease me that I cut off his head! There is so much more you can do with Photoshop, but this was a beginning experiment for me.

If you want to see what I am doing, here's my twitter update.