11:59 PM

I knew it was faulty. I knew it was faulty. I knew it was faulty. I knew it was faulty. I knew it was faulty. I knew it was-


That was out loud? She was right. I was going to die.

11:57 PM

"Ok, here we go!"
The train launched itself and complete, full speed. Like 0-130 in a Planck's time length or something.

"Did you hear that?" I said quietly. I felt nervous... as ride engineer you tend to fret over small things. It was probably just me...
"No, what?"
"Just like a popping sound or something... I don't know... it's nothing..."
But it was something. Unsure, unsafe, maybe, I don't know. I just didn't know. Why do I keep freaking out? Am I going to to part-partum depression or whatever? DO I have some sort of strange, unknown, 4 people in the world have it mental disease? Why am I freaking out? Oh yeah... I remember...


I felt like my skin was ripped from my body and I could still feel both! We were starting the ascent: 500 feet, stariaght up into space! Well, not quite....
AT 136 miles an hour, you barely have time to think. Well, actually, you have no time to think, the rush and thrill is just too much. POP